The Best Date Night Spots Around Aus To Let Your Ex Know Yr In Your Villain Era On Socials

Spring has sprung and now for many of us, we’re coming out of hibernation. In fact, spring has been scientifically proven to be the season of dating. So now that the sun is out and about, it’s time to dive right into those new tryouts to find a potential “winter cuff”.

If you’re looking to take your date on an adventure around your city with some amazing food and great vibes, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking for some fancy spots to take a friend or two for a cute late-night Insta photoshoot. Either way, here are some of the best date night locations around Australia that are perfect for your socials.

Adelaide – d’Arenberg Cube

Starting off first is Adelaide! (A sentence that has never been said before).

The d’Arenberg Cube is a fantastic Singapore-inspired restaurant, with an excellent South-East Asian-themed menu, and wine-tasting activities. You can also get a two-for-one here as you can book a session to play winemaker and blend your own wine bottle.

As you first approach the cube, you might be thinking you’re on that farm from Interstellar. Not only can you take photo’s around this gorgeous vineyard, but the interior is also colourful and glam. Now that we’re in spring, you’ll be able to capture a romantic sunset perfectly in the vineyard.

Sydney – Bearded Tit

The Bearded Tit bar is an amazing and friendly queer experience. The only downside is that much like a Charli XCX concert, you might see all your exes and every person you’ve kissed there as well. So if you’re someone that likes to unpack trauma on date number one, why not get the free icebreaker?

The menu is filled with standard pub food, but what makes the venue really pop is the community events held at the bar. The Bearded Tit regularly has live events showcasing queer creatives, whether that’s doing musical performances, stand-up or a drag show, the Bearded Tit will surely help with the small talk on a first night out.

Melbourne – Oh Loretta!

Oh Loretta! is an LA inspired classic wine bar with scenic lighting and vibrant energy. You may also quickly notice that the venue is an LA venue just from the stucco walls, which if you’re on a date with an interior designer, that fact was a freebie.

The wine list includes plenty of small Victorian growers. The menu also changes every day and is fairly plant-based, but there are some meat options as well.

Melbourne – Monty’s

If you’re looking for a cute intimate bar where you can sit down and have a conversation with your date, Monty’s is a great venue.

This cute lil homely restaurant is actually a recycled church turned into a bar, with a great outdoor beer garden to enjoy the nice cool Spring nights this season and to look out at the stars and pretend you know what constellations are which.

North Perth – Wines of While

Image Credit: Wines of While / Max Veenhuyzen

This hip Perth bar is a perfect choice if you wanna show your date that you’re trendy and absolutely know Tame Impala is actually just one guy. The Wines of While is also locally famous for having the best bread in Perth as well as the finest wine available.

Perth – Lulu Delizia

Arguably the best high-quality Italian food you can find around Perth. Lulu Delizia has an amazing pasta menu, with some quality homemade noodles as well as a fire wine list. The owner originally styled the restaurant to resemble his own nonna’s living room, so you can also simulate your dates first-time meeting your parents as well if that’s your thing.

Hobart – Sonny

This cute tiny venue makes for a wonderfully intimate night that you can share with your lucky date, but also a community of other people attending! It’s pretty common at Sonny for everyone in the bar to choose a record to listen to together, so you know if the date might be fumbling, everyone else has got your back.

As a huge fan of Cheers, Sonny is a wonderful venue that helps capture that friendly bar aesthetic. It also serves simple, yet delicious Italian food so you can bet that this venue is a safe pick.

Sydney – Nour

Not just for the H20: Just Add Water fans, Nour is a fancy Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Surry Hills with an iconic Millennial pink aesthetic. While a gorgeous date spot, this venue is also perfect to take your friends out to if you’ve exclusively been communicating through sending memes in a group chat.

Whether you’re craving a fancy dinner, a bottomless brunch, or some of the fanciest cocktails in Sydney, Nour is sure to plate you up with an amazing feast for your belly and your eyes.

While the warm mood lighting is a calming vibe, it does make those candid photo’s a bit hard to see. So be sure to use a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series so you can take those decent snaps with your date in low light to commemorate the experience.

And there you have it lovebirds. All the best in your future romantic endeavours and I hope you find your winter cuff this spring.