The Already Perfect 90’s Cult Movie The Craft Is Being Remade

Because the human race struggles to identify perfection when it’s right in front of our faces, a remake of incredible supernatural bad gal film The Craft is being made. 

In case you missed it in 1996 and didn’t try to make pencils stand up by themselves, or make a pact with your closest friends to buy a ouija board directly after every viewing at sleepovers: The Craft is a supernatural horror film, about a high school girl who arrives at a new school and befriends a coven of outcasted teen witches. They get a bit too badass for their boots, and have to learn that not all consequences of their powers are positive.
Up and coming director Leigh Janiak will be directing the unecessary reboot. Janiak’s previous film, Honeymoon, is a super creepy horror that received excellent reviews and feedback at SXSW, so there’s hope we guess. 
Welcome to the weirdos, Janiak.