Terry Crews Reveals Apology Letter He Received From Abuser Adam Venit

Earlier this year, after Terry Crews announced that he would be suing Adam Venit for groping him at a party, the disgraced Hollywood talent agent wrote him an apology letter, perhaps in an attempt to get him to drop the suit.

Crews, who was also suing Venit’s employer William Morris Endeavour, refused to accept the apology, saying that he would only be satisfied once his abuser had left the company for good, with no prospect of being rehired.

Last week, the matter settled out of court, with reports that Adam Venit was out of a job for good, and that WME would also be covering Terry Crews’ $375,000 legal fees, a pretty decisive victory for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star.

Earlier today, Crews took to social media, saying that he now accepts Venit’s apology “WITH HIS RESIGNATION”, and sharing a copy of the letter itself, which he says was actually received by him back in March of this year.

Honestly, the letter seems like pretty self-serving stuff, and once I got the paragraph about how “God definitely works in unique ways and has given me these experiences as a gift of enlightenment”, I was about ready to have a bit of a sneaky vomit.

Still, have a look and see what you think:

In happier news, it was recently revealed that the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was saved from cancellation by the NBC network, has been given an extra five-episode order, bringing the total number of episodes to eighteen.