Telstra’s Chief Operations Officer Has An Explaination For Those Outages

We’ve copped a few free data days from Telstra to make up for the outages experienced across the network of late, but we’ve been left a bit in the dark as to why they’ve been happening.
Well, we’ve got it now. Chief Operations Officer Kate McKenzie spoke at telcom industry event CommsDay Summit, giving a clearer explanation of what went down and what Telstra is doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
Basically, two outages happened due to a fault with a signalling node. Pretty routine stuff, but proper procedure wasn’t followed and customers connecting to that node were forced to re-register when making a voice call or data sesh, which booted ’em off the network.
As McKenzie puts it:
“Unfortunately due to processes not being followed properly the subsequent node restart initiated incorrectly. This meant that around 15 per cent of all mobile devices connected through this node needed to re-register when establishing a new voice call or data session.”

She says that Telstra is doing a full network audit to pinpoint the source of these problems and ensure that they do not happen again:

“[The review] involves our own specialist teams as well as external experts from around the world. We have already progressed short- and medium-term actions to improve resilience and robustness in the mobile network.”

Well there ya go. The free data days are nice, but let’s hope they can keep the network strong and stable in future.

Photo: Getty Images / James Alcock.