YIKES: 30,000 Former & Current Telstra Employees Have Had Info Leaked In Another Data Breach

After the flaming Optus data leak debacle, another telco has been hit with an info breach. This time, it’s Telstra in the hot seat.

Around 30,000 current and former Telstra employees have had some of their details leaked on the dark web. Fark.

The leaked info was employees’ full names and email addresses.

Now, Telstra itself wasn’t hacked — rather, this information was from a third party behind an employee rewards program, according to the ABC. The program was last used in 2017, so the data dates from back then.

A Telstra spokesperson said the company believes the data has now been made available “in attempt to profit from the Optus breach”.

“The relevant authorities have been notified, we’ve let current employees know, and while the data is of minimal risk to former employees, we will attempt to notify them too,” the spokesperson said, per the ABC.

A Telstra source told 7News the data is “old information from 2017, a lot of it wouldn’t be relevant”.

Still, pretty bloody cooked. Around 12,800 of the affected workers are still employed by Telstra and no customers were affected by the data leak.

The news of this breach comes as Optus handed over data from its ‘yuge leak two weeks ago to the government.

Minister for Government Services Bill Shorten said the government “shouldn’t have to play hide and seek and wait to day 13 to get material”.

“What it’s about is the horse’s bolted. We’re trying to close the gate,” he said, per The Guardian.

Stunning mixed metaphors there, Bill.

Previously, the government went bloody in on Optus for its lax pace in handing over info.

“The people really in pain are not the Optus executives,” Shorten said on October 2.

“The people in pain are the 10 million people who’ve had their privacy breached.”

God, it might be high time to change out the ‘ol passwords I reckon.