Gladys Berejiklian, Optus Managing Director, Is… Where RN?


Remember former NSW Premier and Head of Leaked Texts Gladys Berejiklian? Remember when she resigned after that whole corruption investigation? And remember how post-premiership she was appointed Optus managing director? Well, where is she now????

Despite being a very public hire, Berejiklian is nowhere to be seen since shit hit the fan at Optus last week when a hacker stole the personal data of about 10 million Australians.

As Managing Director of Enterprise, Business and Institution, she’s probably a liiiiittle involved in managing the shitstorm. And as the face of the corporate division, she might have somethiiing to do with cleaning up the mess and attempting to rebuild the telco’s reputation.

But Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has been doing all the work fronting the media and could very well be a casualty of this saga.

Maybe Optus is protecting Gladys? Maybe she’s a coward?

Her social media has been silent since June 30 when she tweeted about the proposed Telstra-TPG merger and said “We put our customers first at Optus”. Awks.

The only whispers of Berejiklian this week have come from the Murdoch media and her cop friend Mick Fuller who have been crying out for their “Glad-iator” to take the wheel because she would be “an asset” to Optus right now.

“With her experience in crisis management she’ll no doubt be an asset in these difficult times,” the former NSW police commissioner told the Daily Telegraph.

Sorry, what crisis management is he talking about? Oh, the massive COVID-19 outbreaks in NSW in 2020 and 2021 that happened under her watch, caused the virus to spread around the country and resulted in thousands of preventable deaths, all because she delayed lockdowns? Ah yes, a disaster master.

Anyway, Twitter loves a Gladys hashtag, like #KoalaKiller, so let’s publicly shame her into facing the music, shall we? #GiveUpGladys.