Australian model and Instagram influencer Tegan Martin has defended her plans to launch a “health coaching” service, despite a Daily Telegraph exposé revealing she has not acquired certifications from the organisations she listed to prospective clients.

The former Miss Universe Australia recently told her 120,000-strong Instagram followers that she will “be taking on a just a few health coaching clients” later this year, and emailed potential clients saying she had studied at Sydney college Cadence Health and through New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

I’ve loved every second of my career in the media/television presenting/modelling space, however a small part of me has always yearned for an outlet for my creativity and passion for wellbeing and healing the human body. I’m proud to say that I am one of few that’s lasted in the tough climate of the Australian media industry and I will continue to work in this space for as long as the universe allows me too. I love the platform it gives me to have a voice, the crazy experiences that come my way and the dream networking that is a part of the gig however it’s time for me to add something on the side that really lights me up- my passion and purpose for this lifetime!! I believe we all come into this life with a blank canvas and it is our duty to explore/search for the reason we were put here. What is your mission in life? Who do you want to impact? Who do you want to teach/inspire? What mark do you want to leave? Super excited for my new website to launch soon! Once it’s launched (likely in September) I will be taking on a just a few health coaching clients in my spare time & teaching the rest of you guys (my tribe) everything I’ve learned about bringing the human body into balance from sickness to health. My chronic fatigue journey is one that I hope will inspire you to make some change in your lives ???????????? #healthcoach #chronicfatigue #journey #health #healthiswealth #happy #happytobehealthy

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However, The Daily Telegraph revealed she has not completed courses at either of those institutions.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, the 25-year-old said the story had been “blown right out of proportion” and that claims she is similar to cancer fraudster Belle Gibson are patently false.

Martin said she was unable to complete her final exams due to the effects of her chronic fatigue, and that she still intends to finalise her study at IIN.

“I would certainly word my email differently,” she said.

Despite initially telling a potential client she had more success treating her own health conditions “due to studying at IIN than with any doctors [sic] consultation,” Martin said “I was never positioning myself as an authority or trying to take away from doctors.”

In 2015, IIN spokesperson Justine Thorner said so-called health coaches ordained by the organisation don’t “diagnose, treat or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client’s life,” but can still “make back their tuition before graduation.”

Source: Woman's Day
Image: Tegan Martin / Instagram