Two Teens Have Been Charged For Allegedly Beating & Killing 14 Kangaroos On NSW’s South Coast

kangaroos killed

Two 17-year-old boys have been charged after allegedly beating and killing 14 kangaroos and leaving one joey injured on NSW’s south coast.

On Saturday morning, NSW Police investigated the Long Beach area near Batemans Bay after it was reported that several kangaroos were found dead.

Since then, five adult kangaroos and one joey were found slain in the Long Beach area, and a further seven kangaroos and one joey were found near Maloneys Beach.

NSW Police suggested the kangaroos were “deliberately killed” after their initial investigations.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two 17-year-old boys have been arrested at Batemans Bay police station and issued a Court Attendance Notice for the alleged beating and killing of the kangaroos.

One injured joey has been found and taken in by Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

“Our community of carers & supporters are saddened by the news of events in Batemans Bay on Friday night resulting in the deaths of 15 Kangaroos, including two joeys across two separate locations,” WIRES wrote to Twitter.

“This has left an indelible mark on our dedicated volunteers and local residents.”

WIRES also revealed that the surviving injured joey has been named ‘Hope’, and is under some mighty-good care at the moment. They also shared a picture of the poor little jump puppy swaddled in a blanket, and my heart is fkn breaking.

The two young boys are to appear at children’s court on November 21.