Tattooist Sophia Baughan On The Pressure Of Permanently Inking Someone Else’s Body

Sophia Baughan tattoos

Come in and take a load off team, the latest episode of Sneak Up has officially arrived.

For the 13th instalment of our PEDESTRIAN.TV x Platypus Shoes poddy, we chatted to renowned tattooist Sophia Baughan and fair warning, you’ll be wanting to get a tatt of your own after you give it a listen.

In her 12-year tattooing career, Sophia has gone from working in dodgy joints, tattooing questionable people when she was just 17, to working in a lush parlour surrounded by other female tattooists.

Over on Insta, the tattoo artist has garnered over 180,000 followers, with fans worldwide keen to see her latest masterpiece.

And while the dodgy tattoo parlour life sounds intimidating to some (me, I meant me), Sophia reflects on that time in her life quite fondly during her interview with poddy host Jack Colquhoun, which goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a grimy joint by its….grime? Patrons? Dunno where I was going with that one, to be honest.

Sophia and Jack also get into the pressure of permanently inking someone else’s body, with Sophia admitting that she still gets nervous, even after so many years on the job.

“I think if you’re not nervous, maybe you don’t care enough,” she mused when asked about the job. “I still treat every single customer like it’s the only tattoo they’re ever going to get.”

Among many other topics covered, Sophia chats about the future of tattoos, how popular TV shows like Miami Ink have helped to normalise the tattoo industry and some of the weirdest requests she’s ever received.

Get around the ep, and if you want to peruse through the rest of Sneak Up, they’re all below to make it as convenient as possible.