‘Straya: Dumbarse Tattoos 15-Year-Old Kid In Garage, Faces Charges

Some kids just aren’t content with the ol’ scribbly, make-believe Sharpie treatment the rest of us put ourselves through. 

A 21-year-old tattooist will face three charges in December after being caught inking up a 15-year-old kid from his own garage “studio” earlier this year without parental consent. When NSW Police turned up to investigate the Port Kembla home in May, it’s reported they even found the pair in the process of slapping a second piece on the teen. 
The law on underage body modification states tattooing is illegal without parental permission for minors, along with more extreme procedures like scarification or earlobe stretching. More common procedures like ear piercing still require parental supervision under the age of 16
SBS reports the tattooist has a valid license, which makes the risk/reward ratio of tattooing a high-school student even more confusing. Penalties range from $5 to $11 thousand dollars, without even mentioning the possibility of the artist having his license revoked.
There’s no word on penalties for the teen, but living with a tattoo 15-year-old you chose may be punishment enough. 
Story via SBS.