In the interests of full disclosure: I am a Tasmanian. I was born in Tasmania. I was raised in Tasmania. I refuse to stop yelling until the AFL folds the failing Gold Coast Suns and gives the license to Tasmania. I love my home state and I am fiercely proud of it and its people. I will defend it to the death, such is my affinity for the only true God’s Country. But a new Tourism Tasmania ad promoting intrastate holidays is making all of that just a little bit difficult, and it’s thanks to one single, solitary shot.

With Tasmanian borders to effectively remain closed for at least another month or so, the state’s tourism-reliant economy is looking to make up some of the lost ground by promoting itself to its own residents.

Tourism Tasmania rolled the ad campaign out today, part of a new “Make Yourself At Home” campaign aimed at encouraging Tasmanians to get out and explore Tasmania a bit more.

It’s a lovely ad, featuring sweeping shots of the glorious Tasmanian wilderness, highlighting world-class Tasmanian food and produce, and putting Tasmania’s highly unique wildlife on full display.

There’s just one small problem.

This shot:

“We are all family here.”

We are all family here, in Tasmania.

We are all family here.

You couldn’t have used literally any other line here? Anything at all. “It’s real chill” would’ve worked.

Also you had to put that line over the top of two very similar looking wombats nuzzling each other?

I love Tasmania, I really do. But good god. At some point you’ve simply gotta help yourself.

Either that or just completely lean into it a shot of two people running down a beach wearing one of those novelty two-headed jumpers.

Pick a lane, is all I’m saying.