Taiwanese Influencer Posts Footage Of Alleged Attack By Brisbane Teens: ‘Because We Are Asians’

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses racial discrimination and violence.

Taiwanese influencer, Wu Aiting, has shared harrowing footage to Instagram of her and a group of friends allegedly being attacked on the basis of race by four teenagers in Brisbane. The alleged attack occurred on Monday night, with police investigations currently underway.

Occurring on South Bank at 10pm on Monday, the gross event has been picked up by international media. Aiting managed to capture various parts of the incident that she, her two male friends, and one female friend were attacked.

In the shaky 35-second-long video uploaded to Aiting’s Instagram, the influencer and her friends can be seen being yelled at and struck by the Brisbane teens.

At multiple points the video cuts, or films the ground, however expletives can be heard from the teens, and looks of shock and fear are apparent on the face of the victims.

In the caption for the video, Aiting alleged that she and her friends “got beaten up just because we are Asians.”

“We were simply walking down the street in South Bank museum of Brisbane, four people (two male two female) came and shouted at us first, then started throwing rocks at us, then started to assault us, beating us up, saying they are attacking us just because we are Asians,” she wrote to her 31K followers.

“All of us are injured to different degrees, my leg was scratched with wounds, and one of my friend’s head is [swollen], one of their eyes got injured. We need to put him under observation for concussion, and my other friends is also badly injured.”

Aiting then clarified that she and her friends intend to press charges for “physical assault and racial discrimination.”

“They may not be over 18, but there is juvenile court that should serve us justice,” the Taiwanese influencer stated.

In a report to Newswire, a spokesperson for Queensland Police confirmed investigations are currently underway.

“Police are in the process of reviewing CCTV as well as speaking formally with witnesses and victims. The South Brisbane Cross Cultural Liaison Unit is also engaging with the Taipei and Economic Cultural Office to contact a victim who has since returned overseas,” said QLD police, per the publication.

Police are urging anyone with information regarding the attack to come forward.

[Image: Instagram]