Taco ‘Bout A Game-Changer: Guzman Y Gomez Is Going Drive-Thru, Y’all

HOOH BOY, taco ’bout a game-changer.

Purveyor of fine burritos and other Mexican food goods, Guzman Y Gomez, is going drive-thru.

The Mexican food chain – which sits somewhere between a McDonalds and a restaurant on the price-point & quality scale – is planning to open up a dozen outlets with purpose-built drive-thru areas in the next 12 months, reports The Australian.

Chief Executive Steven Marks told the broadsheet:

“People are becoming more educated on what they are eating with traditional fast food and now they don’t have to compromise on quality for the convenience of drive-through.”

Drive-thru burritos? Our hangovers might never be the same.

GYG drive-thrus already exist in the Darwin and Nerang, Queensland stores, but Marks describes them as add-ons, saying that this new lot would be purpose-built.

There are already 82 outlets around Australia and Asia (the brand was named the fastest-growing food-chain in 2015), and it looks like the company is showing no signs of slowing down: it’s planning on opening another 20 next year, incl. the drive-thru lot.

Truly, ’tis a wonderful day for burrito-enthusiasts everywhere. :’)

Photo: Facebook / Guzman Y Gomez; @desiree.potatoes.