Sydney’s Hospitality Industry Revolts, Is Locking Mike Baird Out Of Venues

So, a bunch of high-profile Aussie musicians, including Alison Wonderland, Nina Las Vegas and Flight Facilities, have now joined the pile-on after NSW Premier Mike Baird‘s patronising and factually cherry-picked Facebook post

Inevitably, the next group to jump on board (and rightly so) is the hospo peeps. After all, they are the ones having their livelihoods directly affected by the laws. 
Rather than create petitions or protests, bars and clubs in Sydney have now started to physically bar politicians, particularly Mike Baird, from their establishments. 
The first to do this was Redfern small bar Arcadia, who posted a ‘Refusal of Service’ sign in their front window to Barry O’Farrell after the first lockout laws were brought in. But now, the owners have bloody had it up to here with Baird’s antics, too:
A well-placed source said to PEDESTRIAN.TV that a private Facebook group of 1900+ hospitality folks had openly spoke about erecting the signs, and the public are now likely to see Baird being barred at a number of different venues around the city that the Premier claims to love so much. 
Our source mentions they have also seen the #LockOutMikeBaird’ sentiment publicly echoing around social media from hospitality staff. Among them was Joe Worthington, who is the General Manager of Sydney bar Della Hyde from Applejack Hospitality group (the team behind Bondi Hardware, The Botanist, SoCal, and The Butler):
So, there we are. We might just see our very own Premier being refused entry to his favourite wine bar soon enough. Unless, of course, he’s busy drinking champers on a public beach (which is illegal in NSW):
But we must remember, management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. That’s the law. Anyone at all. But especially if you’re responsible for the loss of jobs, careers and small businesses. Ja feel?
*gets popcorn*
Photo: Supplied.