Holy Crap, NSW Premier Mike Baird Live-Tweeted The Bachelor Finale

Twenty five women; one rose; one man. A country, paused in anticipation. A man, struck down by a common cold in the prime of life. A television set, hijacked by his daughters. 

Thus is the story of NSW Premier Mike Baird, who is currently sick at home with the (self-confessed) man-flu. He is apparently too crook to suffer the backlash of fighting for remote control privileges, so is at the behest of his teenage daughters. Who, of course, are totally keen to watch the finale of The Bachelor
And it may be literally the best thing we’ve seen from Aussie politics all week. NOT ONLY did we get to see Mike Baird have a slow but definite breakdown, but he also let slip that his Deputy Gladys Berejiklian is a fan, and he commented on the height of Bachelor host Osher Günsberg‘s hair.
Please enjoy this performance art actual thing that happened, called ‘State politician tries and fails to watch the infidelity-endorsing reality show that ‘Straya loves, The Bachelor’:

My god, that was just… *kisses fingertips*