Peep This Crystal Clear Footage Of What Looks To Be A Fucking Lithgow Panther In Sydney

sydney panther

In news that is extremely on brand for how absolutely bat-shit crazy this year has been so far, a Sydney university student has allegedly spotted a bloody Lithgow Panther in the middle of suburban Sydney.

WILD! The big cat lives!

As somebody who will likely have a midlife crisis, move to the Blue Mountains and take up a full-time role as a big cat truther, you can imagine my surprise when this crystal clear footage emerged today.

Alec McDonald was meditating outside on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the big cat in the grass at Wahroonga. On account of the fact that he was staring at a creature that many would call fake, he did the smart thing and filmed it on his phone.

“As soon as I saw it I started filming because it was very, very large compared to a normal domestic cat,” he told Sunrise on Thursday.

Unlike countless other sighting in the past, which look like they were filmed with a bloody microwave, Alec’s footage is clear, well lit and seemingly proves the existence of the Lithgow Panther (or… the Wahroonga panther, I guess).

“Just captured this big boy behind the san hospital in Wahroonga! Was very weird looked 1m + long with a body on roids,” he captioned the video on Facebook.

Naturally, the video quickly amassed more than 250 shares, with hundreds commenting on the fact that he has seemingly proved the existence of the bloody Lithgow Panther!

!!, and I cannot stress this enough, !!!!!

According to, animal tracker Jake Cassar claims the footage is legitimate and reckons McDonald is “very trustworthy.”

After examining local plants and bird calls, he seems confident that the footage was, in fact, shot in Wahroonga.

But if that wasn’t convincing enough, Cassar also allegedly found a footprint in the dirt in the area, which he claims to be roughly 30% bigger than that of a German shepherd.

Obviously, I have to add the disclaimer that this hasn’t been officially proven (yet). And thanks to the fact that it’s really easy to fake things on the internet, we’ll likely need to capture a big cat before we can officially say they exist.

But it turns out I’m not the only big cat truther who reckons this is pretty substantial evidence. Sure, it could be a huge feral cat but only if the cat accidentally ate somebody’s roids stash that they were using to get ripped for Stereosonic 2k10. I mean, look at the muscle on this beast.