People In Sydney’s Northern Beaches Are Panic Buying Toilet Paper So Here We Bloody Go Again

Photos have emerged of empty toilet paper aisles in supermarkets on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as the entire area enters lockdown in the wake of a coronavirus cluster emerging.

With residents told to stay home unless absolutely necessary, it seems the people of the Northern Beaches are frantically trying to satisfy that most primal of human needs: having a clean ass.

In one photo posted on Thursday when restrictions were first announced, the Twitter user said the shelves were empty within an hour of the news breaking.

“The queue to get out extended back to the freezers at the back of the store,” they added.

On Reddit, people were more blunt.

“WTF is wrong with people?” one poster in Northbridge, just south of the actual Northern Beaches, said.

“Didn’t you all learn last time??”

AGAIN Sydney? WTF is wrong with people? Didn’t you all learn last time??
by u/Caprica_City in sydney

Thankfully, the situation doesn’t seem as bad as it was earlier in the year.

People on Reddit even debated if this even counts as panic buying, because while many supermarkets have been stripped bare, plenty of others still have toilet paper in stock.

As of Sunday, there are no blanket purchase limits across supermarkets but people are still being asked to only take what they need.

“There has been some increase in demand for some essential products at our supermarkets in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area,” a spokesperson for Coles said in a statement.

“We will continue to monitor availability and ask that customers only buy what they need.”

Regardless of how serious panic buying is getting, it’s important to remember that at no time will supermarkets actually close.

“Unfortunately people are people – they do the panic buying. It’s insane,” Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan told 9News.

“If we go into lockdown, we still have access to supermarkets as we did in the previous lockdown.”

So Sydney, let’s not repeat the same mistakes we made in March. Keep calm and don’t panic buy.