Here Are The Best Memes From The Great Australian Toilet Paper War of 2020

The boomers fought tooth and nail for toilet paper. They braved the masses and secured their booty. Presumably tonight, they’ll all shart themselves to sleep.

When half of the country collectively lost their shit over toilet paper, chaos erupted at every second Coles, Woolies and IGA. Some supermarkets imposed limits on customers, some toilet paper manufacturers ran out of stock, and rolls of toilet paper even began to pop up on Facebook marketplace.

The Great Australian Toilet Paper War was a response to the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus symptoms include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Nowhere has anyone said the coronavirus causes explosive diarrhea, and yet Australia’s shelves are for some reason utterly bare.

Naturally, Aussies can’t let a chaotic moment slide without memeing the hell out of it. And meme we did.

Peep below for the best memes, and maybe show them to your uncle who has 60 rolls of TP stashed in the boot of his car.