Sydney Ferries Are Being Cancelled Due To Huge ‘Point Break’-Like Swells

The absurdly wild weather in Sydney today is not only battering everyone on dry land, but anyone unlucky enough to have been caught at sea as well.

The brutal weather system sweeping over the NSW coast today has forced Sydney Ferries to shut down all services between Manly and Circular Quay due to frankly insane seas making conditions deeply unsafe for boats to travel on safely.

Heavy wind gusts have churned the waters up to tumble-dryer levels, forcing the boats off the water until further notice.

Footage capture by Nine News shows just how insane it is on the water at the moment, which is getting towards Perfect Storm levels of ridiculousness.

Yeah no bloody thanks. I reckon I’ll walk.

If you absolutely have to get from Manly to Circular Quay at any point today, replacement bus services are operating along all major stop points. So you could force yourself to endure that, or you could consider doing literally anything else instead. The choice is yours.

The wild weather and heavy rain is expected to continue into the afternoon, and has already brought about snow in regions as far north as Queensland’s Granite Belt.

She’s a miserable old day out there mates. Stay dry, safe, and warm.