It’s Bloody Snowing Across Australia’s East Coast Right Now

Snow has coated greater Sydney’s Blue Mountains and south east Queensland as wild weather descends on Australia’s east coast.

Strong gusty winds, heavy rain, and slick roads in Katoomba and Mount Victoria resulted in warnings to Blue Mountains residents that they might be better off forgoing any planned travel to Sydney early this morning, and while the Great Western Highway has since re-opened drivers are being warned to exercise extreme caution.

Meanwhile, winds as strong as 130km per hour have been reported in southern NSW, and locals across the east coast have shared photos of the weather chaos, including snow falling on the Granite Belt (QLD), in Blackheath, and in Oberon.

The Bureau of Meteorology is reporting an intense cold front along the coast and the weather radars certainly don’t look calm. if you squint, you can just make out Sydney. The extreme weather is also hitting Victoria, however much of it was received overnight. State Emergency Services received over 140 requests for assistance yesterday, including one woman who had to be pulled from her car after it became trapped in flood waters on Monday evening.

The weather is expected to move quickly along the coast but Sky News Weather Chief Meteorologist Tom Saunders said it will still have a major impact. “The strong winds will move away by Wednesday,” he said, “and the rain will ease back to showers along the coastal fringe.”