Sydney EDM Producer Drops The Ultimate Anti-Baird, Anti-Lockouts Banger

Nothing bonds the people quite like a song of protest, and in these great times of struggle – where pub doors are shut and a cheap bottle of wine cannot be purchased at 10:01pm on a Saturday night – we need one now more than ever.
Fortunately for you all, the wait is over. The Keep Sydney Open movement has its own theme song, and it is a hot fire banger.
Sydney producer Tom Budin slapped together the EDM hit that the anti-lockout laws movement absolutely deserved. Not a soft, acoustic ballad designed to make you think. Rather, a late-night, bass-heavy, dance-floor rager full of dope drops and thumping beats.
The kind of shit you can’t hear anymore in the wee hours of the morning, because of the Mike Baird and his State Government’s increasingly unpopular legislation.

Now THAT is how you stick it to those bullshit laws. Not by yelling, but by dancing. And refusing to stop dancing.
In the words of the great Whipsering Jack himself, “That’s freedom.”

Source: Soundcloud.

Photo: Mark Sullivan, Cameron Spencer, Mark Metcalfe/Getty.