The New COVID Restrictions Are Done In Sydney So You Can Get On The Beers While Standing Up

The recent set of coronavirus restrictions across Greater Sydney have been lifted because so few new cases have been recorded outside of hotel quarantine.

The news means the clubs are back open, we can once again invite more than 20 mates over at a time, and face masks are no longer mandatory on public transport. Oh, and we can finally stand up at the pub once more. Thank God.

Monday marks the first time since May 5 that Sydneysiders can jump on a train without having to frantically check our pockets to see if we remembered to bring our facemasks.

“As there has been no further transmission detected in relation to the two locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the temporary COVID-safe measures in place for the Greater Sydney area will not be extended beyond 12.01am on Monday 17 May,” NSW Health said on Twitter.

“This means limits will be removed on the number of guests allowed to visit private households.

“Drinking while standing at indoor venues, group singing indoors, and dancing at nightclubs will again be allowed.

“Masks will no longer be compulsory on public transport or for customer-facing staff in hospitality venues, however NSW Health continues to strongly encourage their use on public transport and in other settings where physical distancing is not possible.”

Sounds like its time to spend those leftover Gladys Bucks on a nice stand-up bev and a boogie, perhaps.

NSW is in a bit of a weird predicament at the moment. Those first two people who tested positive for COVID-19 remain the only recorded cases in the community.

Even though one of them literally waltzed around what felt like every bloody barbeque shop in Sydney, and even though we still don’t know who the couple caught it from, nobody else has managed to test positive for COVID-19 in the community.

Good stuff, NSW. Crisis averted.