People In NSW Blew Their $25 Dining Vouchers On Cinema Snacks & Don’t Say We Have No Culture

News Corp has obtained data about how people in NSW have been spending their free Dine & Discover vouchers (worth $25 each!!) and the results are pretty embarrassing.

The Dine vouchers were intended to be spent at places like cafés and restaurants, while the Discover vouchers were intended for activities like museums and the zoo.

WELL. The two places were the most Dine vouchers have been redeemed so far are Hoyts Cinemas and Event Cinemas – in other words, folks in NSW are blowing their $25 vouchers on choc tops and overpriced popcorn.

This is truly embarrassing news. It’s not like you can use the vouchers in sections. You have to forfeit the entire $25 in one go. At the snack bar of a cinema.

On one hand, it’s nice that people are enjoying themselves at the movies. On the other hand, we will never recover as a country from the fact that we all blew $25 worth of Gladys Bucks on bloody pick ‘n’ mix.

Coming in third and fourth places, respectively, were Hungry Jack’s and KFC. Don’t say we have no culture here in NSW.

Elsewhere in the top ten venues where NSW Dine vouchers were redeemed are places like Pancakes on the Rocks, The Bavarian Beerhaus and *checks notes* the Bankstown Sports Club.

This has raised questions about whether these vouchers, which were designed to rejuvenate the hospo and entertainment industries, should instead be going towards small or family-owned business rather than huge companies.

Things get a little more predictable for the NSW Discover vouchers, which incidentally were also mostly redeemed at Hoyts and Event Cinemas.

Other popular spots have been Taronga Zoo, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Timezone.

Finding out what people in NSW have been doing with their Dine & Discover vouchers has been a weird ride.

Things got off to a rough start when people started selling them online. And now it seems everyone else has been blowing them on popcorn.

You can peep the full top 10 ranking for both vouchers over at