True Crime Podcast ‘Sword & Scale’ Axed By Network After Misogynist Insta Post

Wondery have cut ties with controversial true crime podcast Sword & Scale, and host Mike Boudet is not about it. He went on a Twitter rant against fellow podcast hosts Aaron Manke of Lore and Rabia O’Chaudry of Undisclosed, blaming them for the axing.

According to The Wrap, move is allegedly connected to host Boudet posting a now-deleted misogynistic joke to Instagram on International Women’s Day, saying “I don’t understand dumb cunts. Maybe I should take one apart to see how it works.”

Boudet responded via SoundCloud to Wondery’s move, blaming Manke and O’Chaudry again and explaining the podcast would move behind a paywall.

“Right now as it stands, this is the end. We’ll keep putting out Plus episodes on Patreon, until we move to our own platform and then continue putting out episodes, behind that paywall. Anything that was ad-supported is over now, because of Aaron Mahnke from ‘Lore’ and Rabia O’Chaudry from ‘Undisclosed,’ who let this boycott against me and my company, because they didn’t like certain things that I said.”

He then continued to lash out against Manke on Twitter, resorting to some frankly disgusting levels of bullying.

Sword & Scale and Mike Boudet have been plagued by controversy – Boudet revealed the name of a previously anonymous victim who had been brutally raped and murdered. Mamamia extensively reported on Boudet’s history of inappropriate behaviour toward female fans, including requesting nudes.

Credit: Mamamia
Credit: Mamamia

As well as making comments that allegedly body-shamed women, like the Tweet response below:

The podcast has also been accused of using 911 calls without censoring them to protect victims and children, and having an insensitive attitude toward sufferers of mental illness.

Manke has responded to the criticisms from Boudet.

Personally, I’m stoked Wondery decided to cut ties with Sword & Scale – if you were an avid listener and need some true crime to replace the show with, I heartily suggest Casefile, In The Dark, Someone Knows Something, Crime JunkieThunder Bay hell, I’ll even give my podcast a shout out.