Looks Like Aussie Crime Pod ‘Casefile’ Is Doing A Five-Parter On Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat, Casefile

Because the public’s thirst for murder knows no bounds, it appears that the popular local true crime podcast Casefile is preparing a five-part special on the notorious backpacker murderer Ivan Milat.

The podcast has covered numerous other Aussie cases, including the Russell Street Bombing and the Frankston Serial Killer, but this would definitely be their biggest one to date.

In an official announcement trailer for the upcoming special, the subject of which has still not been confirmed, the heavily spooky voice-over bloke says:

“As visitors enter, a large ominous sign surrounded by a wall of towering trees warns ‘Please Be Careful’  … Casefile returns in two weeks with the first instalment of a weekly five-part series covering of our most highly-requested cases.”

That checks out, as there have been many requests for Ivan Milat in the past, and the podcast’s new Facebook cover photo shows a backpacker walking into some creepy woods.

Milat, otherwise known as the backpacker murderer, is currently serving seven life sentences for crimes he carried out between the years 1989 and 1993.

He is known to have killed seven young people – five of them overseas backbackers, two of them Australians from Melbourne – and buried their bodies in the Belanglo State Forest in the NSW Southern Highlands.

It has been speculated that Milat was involved in more murders than those for which he was ultimately prosecuted, an that he may have had assistance in the killings, although it’s unclear at this stage whether and to what extent Casefile will follow up on these things.

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