Of all the Australian true crime podcasts (including ours, ahem All Aussie Mystery Hour hit it up bbs), Casefile is by far one of the most successful. With a global audience and loads of 5 star reviews, the team (and anonymous host) do a damn good job of covering cases worldwide.

Now, they’re expanding. They’ve introduced a new platform called Casefile Presents, and the first cab off the ranks is their existing podcast that was previously only available to Patreon users, From The Files.

Casefile Is Dropping A Brand New Podcast Called ‘From The Files’ This Weekend

Anonymous Host, affectionately referred to as Casey, told us about the newly released poddy. Yes, it was very exciting emailing THE Anonymous Host, btw.

Released monthly, the show detailed the latest news updates and developments on cases previously covered by Casefile. After receiving requests for case updates from our general audience, we decided to take From the Files out from behind Patreon’s paywall, improve the format, and release it for free to all our listeners.

Going forward, From The Files will feature a mix of content.

In addition to covering breaking news updates, we may focus on a specific episode from our back catalogue and include guest interviews to delve deeper into those crimes, investigations, and prosecutions.

Their first guest? Melbourne based former lawyer turned investigative journo Eileen Ormsby. She’s one of the leading experts regarding the Dark Web, and has authored two books – Silk Road and The Darkest Web. She’s also worked as a producer on Casefile in the past.

It’s huge news for true crime podcast fans, since we all need more to listen to. Plus, it looks like more podcasts are on the way from the team.

We aim to create a space for existing podcasts to reach a wider audience while providing a platform for new podcast projects and talent to voice their stories.

The first episode drops this weekend (!!!) so prep your ears, folks.

Image: Supplied