‘Sunrise’ Literally Hid An Indigenous Protest Today Using A Fake Background

Protesters have descended on Channel Seven‘s Sydney studio after a segment ran earlier in the week in which an all-white panel Sunrise panel pontificated on whether we needed a second Stolen Generation, forcing the show to run prerecorded footage of Martin as their backdrop to send the impression that everything is totally normal.

Videos on social media show protesters striking their hands against the windows of the studio while chanting “Leave the kids alone!” and “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land”. The curtains were drawn and the chants cannot be heard on the broadcast thanks to the soundproofing of the studio.

Aside from the egregiousness of casually debating the forced adoptions of Aboriginal children in the total absence of an Indigenous panellist, the segment has also been called out for literally basing the entire discussion on a made-up fact – namely the suggestion that the assistant minister for children and families had explicitly called for white adoption of Indigenous children.

The social media posts for the segment, pictured below, have now been removed from all platforms. Seven claims they did so thanks to a copyright claim, which seems mighty convenient:

As you can see in segments from this morning’s episode of Sunrise there is nary a protester to be seen –just some stock footage of a largely empty Martin Place in all its glory. It’s also ironic, as some have pointed out, that the segment below is about bullying.

Keep up the great, convincing work, folks.