Tom Ballard & ‘Tonightly’ Took That Garbage ‘Sunrise’ Segment To Task

Tonightly with Tom Ballard has taken that incredibly off-key Sunrise segment on Indigenous children to task, and it absolutely rules.

Assembling a shit hot team of Nakkiah Lui and Enoch Mailangi, Ballard led a very Sunrise-esque discussion on the real issues facing Australia today: just how long can we let white television presenters embarrass themselves on national television?

“Obviously, it’s heartbreaking to see people like Prue MacSween and Ben Davis saying stupid shit on breakfast television,” says Ballard, referring to the Sunrise commentators involved. “They’re clearly distressed, they’re probably in danger. In the interest of their own welfare, should they be removed from that environment?”

“Of course, it’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned,” agrees Lui. “We can’t see another generation of unqualified, clueless, white media pundits being left to just talk out their arses about deeply complicated issues.”

If you somehow missed it the other day, Sunrise host Sam Armytage led an uncritical discussion with MacSween and Davis about “saving” Indigenous kids from their families. Aside from being racist (MacSween literally advocates for a second Stolen Generation) and devoid of anyone Indigenous or even remotely connected to Aboriginal affairs, it also got blatant facts wrong.

So far, this is the most official comment on the whole fiasco.

Mmmmmm. Yeah okay, mate. Interesting to note that, as of today, the tweet with the clip in question has been deleted.