Sugar Daddy Site Claims To Know How Many ‘Sugar Babies’ Are At Your Uni

Sugar baby website Seeking Arrangement has released some pretty staggeringly cool statistics about their growing user count in Australia. And it also happens to say a lot about the financial situation of students in Australia. 

So, in case you’re confused – Seeking Arrangement allows a younger person (a ‘sugar baby’) to find a wealthy older person (a sugar daddy/momma’) to develop a romantic and/or sexual relationship in exchange for money, gifts or outings. 
According to SA, the numbers of sugar babies at university are dramatically rising. 
Here’s a list of universities that have notable rising numbers of people signing up for the service (note, just because someone’s signed up, doesn’t mean they are actively engaging as a sugar baby. Online dating is hard, y’know?):

1. University of Sydney — 90
2. University of Newcastle — 85
3. Queensland University of Technology — 81
4. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University — 78
5. University of Queensland — 75
6. University of New South Wales — 75
7. University of South Australia — 65
8. University of Wollongong — 63
9. Deakin University — 60
10. Victoria University — 55
11. Griffith University — 54
12. Macquarie University — 53
13. La Trobe University — 45
14. University of Melbourne — 37
15. Edith Cowan University — 36
16. Monash University — 35
17. University of Adelaide — 32
18. Southern Cross University — 31
19. Curtin University — 25
20. Australian Catholic University — 24
Number of new sign-ups from university email accounts.

Brandon Wade, the CEO and founder of SA, said that being a sugar baby was a “great alternative to accumulating crippling debt, allowing sugar babies to graduate debt-free”. 
“Australia is placing the burden of student debt on the country. Rather than repaying the favour, graduates are escaping to other countries. 

Some see this as a controversial solution. In reality, has helped facilitate connections that will foster the futures of young women, and even some men. That’s more than anyone can say of the Commonwealth government.”
Ya know what? Being free of a HECS-debt sounds pretty bloody attractive, tbh
The site says it currently has about 130K female sugar babies, 11K male sugar babies, 56K sugar daddies, and 6K sugar mummas. 
That’s a huge amount – and for good reason. We’re getting to a stage where ‘conventional dating methods’ are getting less and less popular. NO H8 – sex positivity is key, people. If people are happy and ain’t hurting nobody, that’s fine, right? Chill.