WATCH: Let These Adorable Hungry Sugar Glider Babies Soothe Your Soul

There is so much terrible shit going on in the world, and every so often you need to be reminded that good and sweet and pure things still exist. Thankfully the Australian Reptile Park has delivered the goods on this day, blessing us with footage of some delicious baby animals (not reptiles) to help us continue on.

The gang shared a vid of three UNBELIEVABLY CUTE baby sugar gliders (joeys), the cutest of all gliders, and perhaps the cutest of all animals in existence actually now that I look at this video.

Meet Tiny, Beyoncé and Lemonade. They are so tiny and hungry and eating up all the goodness from that syringe, which also helpfully shows you just how tiny and adorable they actually are.


Thanks, we all needed that.