‘Studio 10’ Tried To Give Kerri-Anne A New Segment With An Accidentally Very Racist Name

Ah jeez. Ah you really hate to see it. Studio 10 has been forced into a rather embarrassing backdown this afternoon, after attempting to launch a new regular show segment for Kerri-Anne Kennerley, only to walk back on it after punters, en masse, pointed out the segment’s deeply unfortunate (and probably rather fitting) name.

In a since-deleted Tweet, Studio 10 producers invited people to contact the show to talk about a “secret problem you’ve not been able to tell anyone,” with the subsequent problems – and their answers – to be fielded by Kennerley live on the program.

Here’s the title and graphic they ran with for that brainbusting idea.

KaK’s Konfessional.


You ah…. probably should’ve given that one a second thought at some point, my dudes.

But really, who better to solve everyone’s problems but Kerri-Anne? Who on the Studio 10 panel is more thoroughly equipped to comment blindly, with confidence, on the foibles of strangers than the panelist who suggested climate protestors should be run over, once idly slut-shamed a female guest, or who made a broad and throughly racist assertion about the prevalence of sexual abuse in Indigenous communities?

Who better than that to host a segment with a KKK acronym, really?

Studio 10 producers haven’t yet issued any public comment on the failed announcement, although you’d imagine they’d probably rather pretend it never happened.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley, however, remains a regular presence on Australian TV for whatever reason.