Kerri-Anne Kennerley Privately Apologised To Journo Over ‘Studio 10’ Slut-Shaming Debacle

Studio 10 host Kerri-Ann Kennerley privately apologised to Network 10 senior journalist Antoinette Lattouf over the weekend, after asking her if she “forgot her pants” in a widely-condemned live TV segment on Friday.

Lattouf looked visibly shocked during the segment, but kept her cool, replying that she was wearing a playsuit. KAK then followed up by suggesting Lattouf was “thirsty”, which she’d just learned was slang for “horny”.

The rest of the Studio 10 panel quickly tried to move the situation on, but comments on the show’s Facebook page were appalled at KAK’s behaviour, and a number of journalists came to Lattouf’s defence.

Although no mention was made of the furore on the Monday morning episode of Studio 10, it turns out KAK made a late-night phone call to Lattouf on Saturday, apologising if her colleague felt uncomfortable.

“Kerri-Anne called Antoinette over the weekend and apologised for her comment,” Network 10’s publicity department told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“She reiterated her comment was not intended to cause offence. They had a respectful conversation and Antoinette accepted her apology.”

The spokesperson did not confirm whether any further action would be taken by the network.

It’s hardly KAK’s first foray into controversy. Earlier this year she accused people protesting Invasion Day of ignoring the alleged rape of women and children in the “outback”, which prompted guest panellist Yumi Stynes to tell her she was sounding “quite racist”.

Despite protests outside Network 10’s studios in Pyrmont and calls to “sack KAK”, the network said they were standing by the host. Stynes, on the other hand, later revealed she’d received death threats and abuse.