‘Straya’s Dumbest Crim Gives Cops Perfect Mugshot After Nicking CCTV Cam

First, let us take a moment to appreciate the surging quality of Aussie law enforcement’s social media escapades. Truly. Good hustle, guys.
With that out of the way, allow us to deliver this most excellent piece of bungled criminal handiwork into your life. South Australia Police have put the call out to I.D this enterprising character, who decided it’d be an A++ idea to steal a security camera from its Melrose Park locale.

While staring at it, right down the barrel.

Unless this is some bicycle-based criminal masterstroke intended to distract SA’s 5-0 from larger wrong-doings, we’re stumped. Then again, we’ve never found ourselves in a position where illegally removing an object, designed to deter the illegal removal of objects, shows itself as the thing to do.

On your bike, mate.

Photo: Twitter. 

Because – unbelievably – this is an actual crime that really happened, and someone out there is short a presumably pricey bit of CCTV gear, if you recognise this bloke give CrimeStoppers a ring on 1800333000.