The Hollywood Reporter have published a damning portrait of the fight surrounding Marvel legend Stan Lee‘s fortune, who at age 95 is estimated to be worth $USD50-$70 million ($AUD 64,492,852-$90,289,994)

The feature, written by Gary Baum, appears to confirm many rumblings online about Lee’s mistreatment by those closest to him after the death of his wife of seven decades, Joanie Lee, last July.

It’s a complicated, incredibly upsetting story, one which sees multiple accusations of mistreatment and elder abuse land on essentially most figures within Lee’s financial and personal life.

At the centre of the article is a declaration signed by Lee in February in his then-attorney Tom Lallas‘ office, obtained by THR.

It outlines how Lee’s daughter and sole heir to his fortune, J.C., aged 64, has been influenced by three men who have “insinuated themselves into relationships with J.C. for an ulterior motive and purpose… to gain control over [Lee’s] assets, property and money.”

J.C., who has had a sordid relationship with her parents – and allegedly physically assaulted both her father and mother in 2014 – is framed as a vulnerable woman with “few adult friends” who is being manipulated by Jerardo OlivarezKeya Morgan and J.C.’s attorney, Kirk Schenck. 

Then, a few days later, the Lee apparently changed his mind – and soon, many of his long-term employees were fired, including Lallas. His phone number changed, and Morgan was writing Lee’s emails, apparently to help take stress off Lee’s eyes, as he has macular degeneration.

What follows is a spiralling of accusations where all three men, J.C. and many other figures – including lawyers, and Max Anderson, Lee’s long-term road manager – have centred themselves as the virtuous carer, and everyone else as money hungry opportunists.

This ranges from accusations of Lee’s blood being ‘stolen’ by Olivarez to create merch involving “DNA” ink; nurses on video (held by J.C) accusing Anderson of offering her $50,000 to say Lee was being held against his will; and J.C. becoming concerned a pregnant nurse had slept with Lee, creating a new heir to the fortune.

Anderson also says that accusations which broke in January of Lee’s alleged sexual misconduct towards house nurses was a planted story by Morgan in order to discredit Lee.

It is an utter mess of a situation, as, most of these claims are of course denied by the opposing party.

Meticulously researched, the article details each and every accusation. It’s unclear what the truth is currently, but what’s clear is sobering. Lee is in the middle of an utter shit-storm that he cannot control nor have a clear voice within.

Give it a read here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Image: Getty Images / Erika Goldring