Sophie Turner Adopted Another Direwolf Pup With BF Joe Jonas & It’s So Cute

Your fave girl and all-round very quality human Sophie Turner has adopted another pup into her fam; a ~direwolf~ by the name of Porky Basquiat.

Ok so Porky’s not actually a direwolf, but a Siberian Husky. Still, those eyes.

Sophie adopted Porky with Joe Jonas (how did I miss that memo?) and tbh this little fam is pretty bloody cute if you ask me.

Porky joins the crew along with Sophie’s crossbred Mahlek Northern Inuit dog, Zunni, who played her legit direwolf Lady on Game of Thrones.

Anyways, pls just appreciate how bloody ca-yooot this puppo is.

Here’s Porky being smal and adorable with Joe’s DNCE bandmates, Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee.

Now I know we talked last week about Sophie’s GoT counterpart Peter Dinklage urging people not to buy dog breeds like huskies if you’re not able to exercise them and take care of them, but I’m pretty sure little Porky will be in a loving and nurturing home and getting lots of run arounds.

The little dear’s got Zunni to annoy the hell out of, which would be a pretty tiring job too.

You’ve been blessed today by Porky Basquiat. What a good pup.