Sonny Blake Reminds Us He’s The Cutest Kid On Earth With This Father’s Day “Report Card”

The Blakes are Australian royalty, so it’s unsurprising that I’m freaking out over Hamish Blake’s Father’s Day “report card” from his ADORABLE son, Sonny.

Sonny Blake is the cutest child in Australia and I’m convinced that I will always believe this, even if I have my own kids.

Hamish took to Instagram to share his Father’s Day card from Sonny, which basically makes him sound like an alcoholic ice-cream addict.

Sonny is a whole five years old now, which is crazy and terrifying and makes me feel old. It also means he’s old enough to go to kindergarten, where he learns to be a human and makes cute cards for Father’s Day.

If you’re a full-blown Foster-Blake stalker like I am, you’d know that the family just got back from a luxurious Greece and Italy family holiday, so that makes the whole alcohol and ice cream thing sound a little better. Honestly, if you’re in Italy and you’re not consuming copious amounts of alcohol and ice cream are you really in Italy?

In his Instagram post, Hamish gave his son a B- for the card, but if you were graded on cuteness I’m sure Sonny would get an A+.

This isn’t even the first time Sonny has given his dad the ol’ Father’s Day performance review. Here’s a cute vid from two years ago to make your heart all warm and fuzzy.

The whole Blake clan are just adorable. Sonny is just as iconic as his famous parents and honestly, I can’t wait to watch this family grow up together.

My heart is so full. Where do I sign up to be Zoe Foster Blake? Or Hamish Blake? Or Sonny? Rudy even? The dog? Anyone! Just let me be in this adorable family puh-lease!