WATCH: World’s Best Béb Sonny Blake Hijacked Dad Hamish’s ’60 Mins’ Chat

Your mates and ours Hamish & Andy were on 60 Minutes tonight, providing a welcome break from drug mules and gotcha journalism to celebrate a full 15 years of being Australia’s favourite comedy duo/bromance. 
But, unsurprisingly for anyone who’s seen even a glimpse of the little guy on Instagram, Hamish’s three-year-old son with Zoe Foster Blake, Sonny, wholeheartedly stole the show. 

This kid is like… unreasonably cute. Miss Trunchbull would fall in love with this kid. Aliens would assume he was Earth‘s leader based on his raw charisma. If you don’t feel that weird urge to smoosh him when you look at his dumb li’l chubby cheeks, I dunno what’s wrong with you. 
And yep, Sonny Blake interrupting mum and dad’s big media date is the cutest interview hijacking in the history of time.
Shouldn’t be allowed. Lock him up. His crime? Out-cute-ing literally every other cute thing on the planet.
Thanks a lot, Sonny. Now I think Ray Holt with puppies is gross
Source & image: 60 Minutes.