Snapchat Returns To Its Nudes-Sending Roots W/ New ‘My Eyes Only’ Feature

When Snapchat first launched, everyone had a quiet snigger about it being primarily to (safely) send nudes, and promptly downloaded it.

It quickly became apparent, however, that Snapchat was one of the few mediums through which bulk selfies were not only okay, but actively encouraged. Hence, the Snapchat of today was born: branded filters, Snapchat takeovers, and your mum asking for one of those “photos that disappears”.

Today, Snapchat has returned to its roots.


Snapchat has today introduced ‘Memories‘ as a way of saving your snaps within the app itself. And among the new features introduced along with Memories is a lil’ known one called ‘My Eyes Only‘, which is essentially a way to keep your private nudie time snaps and stories in a locked folder.

You’ll need a passcode to access the folder, and if you forget it? Then even Snapchat can’t help you. You’ll have to create a new My Eyes Only password and lose everything saved in your old one.

Memories have a few other pretty dope new features, including the ability to edit snaps at a later date (including with geofilters from your original location), and the ability to search through your Memories by typing in a keyword (like ‘beach’ or ‘July 2016’.)

How does it work, you ask? Let the Barbie & Ken 2016 models explain:

(I give it to you that no one in the history of Snapchat has a story even half that aesthetic.)

Memories is rolling out slowly – Snapchat will message you when it’s available to use. Until then? We wait.

Photo: Instagram / @KimKardashianWest.