Snapchat Just Released A 3D Camera, Surely Revolutionising The Nudes Industry

Snapchat has released a 3D camera mode that will let anyone with an iPhone X or above create their own wavy, multi-dimensional selfies.

While being able to actually take the 3D selfies is dependent on the model of your phone, you’ll be able to receive the 3D snaps no matter what phone you’re using and will also be able to “interact” with them, with each photo moving and shifting with a wiggle of your phone.

There’s a handful of 3D effects being added to Snapchat’s filter carousel, for those of you who enjoy being underwater or on top of a building or whatever the folks at Snap dream up.

A Snap spokesperson said the people with any device will be able to receive and interact with the 3D photos, but only people with an iPhone X and above will be able to create and share them.

You can access the 3D options by opening the camera on Snapchat, selecting the dropdown menu on the right, clicking “3D”, and going nuts. Once you’ve taken your selfie you can swipe across to see a range of 3D lenses and filters.

So there ya go – we’re all just moving that one step closer to selfies you can smell.