Curious Snake Slythers In To QLD Girl’s Gryffindor Backpack To Potter About

Given both a) The amount of Harry Potter-themed school backpacks getting about these days and b) The sheer number of snakes in the world, that it took this long for a thing like this to happen seems to be the only real surprising thing about this story.

A young girl in Ipswich, near Brisbane, copped a rather slippery surprise after she went to retrieve her lunch from her school bag, only to discover that a Red Bellied Black Snake had taken up residence in there instead.

In a very JK Rowling-like twist, the girl – a student at Augusta State School – was sporting a bag emblazoned with the crest of Hogwarts house Gryffindor, meaning that… y’know… Slytherin… Gryffindor. Look, you don’t need to have a wizard brain to figure out the gag in this one.

No word on whether or not the snake catcher had to employ parseltongue to coax the slithery critter out of that particular Chamber of Secrets.

You could say the rogue snake was wandering about.

I mean as annoying as snake-in-the-bag is, there’s no need to Dobby the poor thing in.

Additional Harry Potter reference.

Also worth pointing out here is the fact that the Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, and Gold Coast‘s custom Facebook URL is, which is basically the Creed Thoughts of actual functioning URLs.

A bunch of Potter references and a cheeky nod to The Office in the same article? Yep, that’ll do me for the day.