Avada Kedavra My Wallet Because Casetify Just Dropped A Huge Range Of Harry Potter Tech Goodies

Harry potter
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The phone case lords at Casetify have blessed all us humble Potterheads with a Harry Potter co-lab for the ages. Accio all of it, tbh.

The range dropped on Thursday night after a pre-sale that saw over 100K+ products ordered. Turns out people own phones and love Harry Potter. Who knew?!

Casetify makes a huge range of tech cases, meaning you can wear your Hogwarts house colours proudly on basically any gadget you own.

Slytherin and want to be subtle about it? There’s an embossed snake phone case you’ll hiss your pants over. A classic Gryffindor jock? Wrap your AirPods in a jaunty crimson case! There’s even a phone case with a Marauder’s Map that fkn disappears.

Adding to my general want / need for this entire range is my Slytherin king Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the movies. He’s been posting about the cases on his IG and I wish he’d hold me like this phone.

Harry Potter
embrace me, Draco

ANYWAY. Here’s just some of the Casetify x Harry Potter goodies (we’ve used iPhone 13 as an example but they’re available for a bigger range of phone models). There’s heaps more over at the Casetify site:

The Harry Potter Case iPhone Case for iPhone 13, $93
Harry potter
Hufflepuff Crest AirTag Holder, $54
Harry Potter
Ravenclaw Crest Apple Watch Band, $80
Slytherin Mascot Samsung Galaxy Case, $100
Harry Potter
Limited Edition Golden Snitch AirPods Pro Case, $93
The Basilisk iPhone Case for iPhone 13, $93
Marauders Map Lenticular iPhone Case for iPhone 13, $108

Avada kedavra to my savings, I guess.