Queen Sharon Strzelecki Is Back With A Very Important PSA About The COVID-19 Lockdown

Sharon Strzelecki

Magda Szubanski has brought back the iconic Sharon Strzelecki for a message about the COVID-19 lockdown, as one of a number of prominent celebrities and sports personalities to join a new Victorian government campaign.

Her message is quite simple: “The sooner we obey the rules and get this COVID thing OVAH the sooner we can get back to the things that matter … like NETTY!!”

You can see Sharon in action below, via Magda Szubanski’s Instagram:

The Victorian Government said of the campaign:

“Victorians are doing an amazing thing – staying home and staying safe. And it’s our actions that are slowing the spread of this virus and reducing the number of people and families that are suffering because of it. But even as we drive case numbers down, and as we’ve seen around the world, without a vaccine – the incredibly infectious nature of coronavirus will mean it will continue to be an ever-present threat.”

They added:

“As part of the push, Sharon Strzelecki, Shane Jacobson, Tayla Harris, Waleed Aly, Nazeem Hussain and more are asking every Victorian to play their part in stopping the spread of coronavirus – now and for some time to come.”

The Victorian government has also emphasises the importance of “small but simple things like wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping your distance – and getting tested if you have symptoms.”