NOICE: Kim K & Sharon Strzelecki Guess Each Other’s Weird-Ass Sayings And It’s Such A Vibe

The unparalleled combination of Kim Kardashian and Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski) is the gift that keeps on giving.

In this new ~exclusive~ behind-the-scenes clip, new second-best mates Sharon and Kimmy try to guess each other’s unique isms. You know, why Kim and the entire Kardashian lot say “bible” and why Sharon is all about the “pash rash” – that kind of thing.

At one point, Kim is asked to guess what “Goal Attack” means, and the fact that she gets it RIGHT makes me wish this entire video was just Kim trying to explain netball. (This is of particular interest to me, a member of the world-famous Sharon Strzelecki netball team, and I have to assume Kim will always be here if I need.) (She won’t.)

Here’s that clip:

[jwplayer OWTqTpnh]

The beautiful thing about this ad campaign is that Sharon Strzelecki has just been introduced to a whole host of people who might never have otherwise been blessed with ‘Kath & Kim’ in their lives. Kim posted a clip to her 152 million Instagram followers last night, and it’s noice as hell. Also, Kim said the netball outfit is “a vibe”, which is in and of itself a vibe.

And YES, okay, we know they weren’t in the same room at the time of filming, but Sharon is a very busy lady, okay? They needed to fit in with her schedule.