That 7NEWS Journo Says US Cops Were “Completely Indiscriminate” At Peaceful Protest

Rubber bullets don’t feel like rubber.

That’s the “hot tip” from 7NEWS reporter Amelia Brace, who has detailed her injuries one day after being clobbered by US police while covering a peaceful protest in Washington D.C.

Speaking to Nova 96.9 this morning, Brace said she was smacked with a baton, tear-gassed, and, yes, hit with rubber bullets fired by riot police.

Camera operator Tim Myers didn’t escape unscathed either, with Brace saying he was “hit in the neck and shoulders with bullets, and he was also punched really hard in the stomach by police officer, and then had a shield shoved into him which pushed the camera into his face.

“So he copped it worse than I did.”

The pair is feeling “worse today,” she said.

“We’ve woken up feeling quite sorry for ourselves because the bruises have kicked in and the adrenaline has worn off.”

Brace and Myers were broadcasting live on Sunrise yesterday when riot police swept through the demonstration, who were seeking to clear the crowd so US President Donald Trump could stage a photo opportunity at a nearby church.

In normal circumstances, riot cops don’t attack reporters, and Brace could be heard yelling “media!” as cops rushed forward. Then again, in normal circumstances, riot cops aren’t meant to indiscriminately tear gas demonstrators in order for the president to hold a Bible the wrong way.

“They are being completely indiscriminate, they do not care who they are attacking,” she said.

“They knew we were allowed to be there, as were the protestors, mind you.”

It’s understood Channel Seven is cobbling together a formal police complaint, and the Australian Government is seeking answers on how to make that happen.

The situation on the ground not looking any better today, Brace said, saying at least double the number of protestors have arrived on the scene.

Given the fact the police force is obviously keen to get the batons out, it’s not looking like an easy ride for demonstrators demanding an end to racial injustice.

“It feels like anarchy, it feels like martial law,” she said.

You can listen to her full run-down here.