Actor and writer Nakkiah Lui delivered a powerful speech on this evening’s episode of The Project – focused on the US riots in support of George Floyd, as well as this country’s own historic and systematic abuse of First Nations People –  that is bound to provide some perspective for non-indigenous Australians.

“These people aren’t just numbers,” Lui said, later in the segment, in reference to a tweet she’d made earlier in the day pertaining to Indigenous deaths in custody. “They have names. David Dungay, Tanya Day. And they are loved – they are still loved.”

“So what I want to say is just, the people who are watching, think about your loved ones,” she implored. “What would you do if they died begging for help? What would you do if they died with a knee on their neck? How angry would you be?”

“Be angry for us. Stand with us. Protest with us, because we need you.”

“There was never no wonderful Australia, but what we can do is create hope by creating a better world for each other.”

“I don’t want to live in a country where names become numbers. I just don’t”

Just yesterday, NSW police were filmed slamming an Indigenous teen to the ground. (The officer responsible for the brutal act has since been placed on restricted duties while the matter is investigated.)

When asked by Aly whether she had hope, Lui responded that “you create hope”.

“It’s important to remember that these conversations aren’t hopeless,” she noted. They’re hard conversations. they’re uncomfortable.”

“But they’re important and they’re not hopeless. Because the only way that we can listen, learn and act to create a better future is by talking about the tough things.”

I implore you to check out the full episode on The Project here.

If you have the means to do so, please do your research and donate to Indigenous-led organisations and campaigns.

Image: 10 / 'The Project'