Service NSW Suspended Its Change Address Feature After It Was Abused By The Anti-Lockdown Crew

Service NSW is tired of binches who think they can go around finding loopholes to get out of lockdown, and so they’ve gone and removed the change address function on their website in support of stay at home orders.

This comes after certain individuals were reportedly isolating themselves in holiday homes, or travel right out of their LGA of concern by claiming that a second address was in fact their main address.

“Due to a 3-month moratorium in place to support stay at home orders, you cannot change your address online or by phone,” the site reads.

“You now have 3 months to change your address when you move.”

So basically, if you’re actually moving houses, you can wait for 3 months when lockdowns will assumedly be a little less intense.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, in some instances, individuals were encouraged to rent cheap in LGAs where restrictions such as the curfew were not in place, so that they could have an easier time.

They claim that Wollongong solicitor Nathan Buckley, who sounds like a hell of a time, was suspended from Facebook after using the private group ‘tradies, truckies & others vs NSW Government jabs’ to promote the use of the address changing function on the Service NSW site to escape LGAs of concern.

“A tip to get around the LGA rules,” he reportedly posted in the group.

“Log in to the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) portal and change your registered business address and principal place of business address to an LGA that is not restricted.”

According to the SMH, Buckley, who is trying to make a class action against the NSW lockdowns, has also encouraged folks to “change your residential address. Consider renting something cheap outside the LGAs.”

Naturally, although these efforts are within the rules, they are loopholes that should not be encouraged at all.

A spokesperson for Service NSW has told the SMH that if you are someone who is genuinely moving houses at this time, you should “carry alternative proof of residential address such as a council rates notice, a utility bill or rental agreement.”

Stay safe out there, and no more loopholes. Keep the loops in your cereal, thanks.