Of all the paths US President Donald Trump has trodden on during his inglorious tenure in the White House, by far the weirdest one Prime Minister Scott Morrison could have ever followed is “be photographed pretending to drive a big rig while clearly making *broom broom* noises.”

And yet, here we bloody go.

In a photo op for the Coalition’s drought relief announcement earlier today, Morrison got to climb into the cab of a very large truck because apparently he is a special little boy whom deserves a treat.

You cannot – you CANNOT – look me in the eye and tell me old mate isn’t in there shouting BRAAAP BRRAAAAAP out the windshield as he pretends to shift gears. Dickhead sitting up there looking like he needs a minder/Dad to lift him down from there once he’s done.

Unbelievably, the parallels between Morrison’s shot above and the fairly infamous-shot of Trump playing Trucks in his own big rig are fairly staggering, particularly when you place them side-by-side.

Two special boys enjoying their special days.

Politics. How about it folks.

Source: The Age
Image: AAP