Penny Wong Just Compared Scott Morrison To Trump & Honestly, We Were All Thinking It

penny wong scott morrison donald trump

Everyone and their nonna is giving our Prime Minister Scott Morrison a proper dragging at the moment, as the whole submarine deal with France continues to unravel. Writing about the flaws of our PM? Again? Truly never saw this one coming.

The recent comments to come out of the political woodwork come from the ever-brilliant Labor Senator Penny Wong, who has ripped Morrison a new one by comparing him and his actions to former US President Donald Trump, who was famously, a fkn idiot.

For context, the comments refer to Morrison’s abandoning of the $90 billion submarine deal with France. French President Emmanuel Macron then called Morrison a liar, Morrison called these accusations ‘slurs’, and then suspiciously, texts leak from the PM’s office. They’re texts that aim to make Morrison look better, so I really wonder who leaked them.

Naturally, these texts made Macron an angry little croissant, but they’ve also pissed off a lot of Australians, who are sick of Morrison dipping into childish tactics to save his image. At this point, I don’t think anything can save it, but alas.

Penny Wong, Anthony Albanese and even fkn Jacqui Lambie have ripped into Morrison over his actions, and boy are they a delight to read.

“Mr Morrison’s character has been on show and we’re seeing the consequences to Australia’s interests and international standing,” Penny Wong told ABC’s RN (Radio National) Breakfast on Thursday morning.

“His character is one of someone who is dishonest… who stubbornly refuses to say we could have handled this better. Mr Morrison is undermining this country’s reputation. You don’t make the country more secure by showing you’re prepared to damage partnerships and alliances. We saw that in Donald Trump.

“I’m simply saying we have seen in recent times a leader prepared to damage alliances and partnerships… and that was Trump. We are seeing Mr Morrison prepared to damage relationships. He doesn’t want to acknowledge that he’s done anything wrong.”

Albanese also hopped on ABC Breakfast in a separate interview to give his opposition a long-deserved dragging.

“Firstly, denying that there’s a problem, then eventually, when it’s acknowledged, blaming someone else, then changing positions, and then pretending that he never held the counterposition previously for a long period of time,” he said.

“You don’t leak a private text message from the president of another nation to your private phone… it’s a real concern.

“When it comes to national security, you can’t play short-term politics.”

Hell, even Lambie has tossed her hat in the ring with a few comments on Today.

“There is no way out of this anymore for him,” she said.

“Who gives a stuff about our national security? Come out and do the right thing and apologise, big boy. There is nothing else to say.”

There were also comments from former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about Morrison’s behaviour that emerged amid all the mud-slinging chaos. Fuck it, everyone’s joining in on this beat-up. It’s political Smash Bros.

Our Prime Minister is really good at digging holes, but not exactly the best of getting out of them, and now he’s getting the scrutiny that he deserves.

What a guy we have as a leader, huh?