If You Think You Suck At Gifts, Check Out This $500 Pic Of The Opera House Morrison Gave Biden

Scott Morrison with caption 'nailed it' regarding Joe Biden gift

Trust Prime Minister Scott Morrison to spend over $500 on a gift for the president and have it be… a fucking photograph. Cool, I guess?

In case you missed it, Scott Morrison went gallivanting across the US to meet with leaders from around the world, including US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the AUKUS alliance. Can you image a more crusty trio?

After discussions regarding the Indo-Pacific region and concerns over China, Morrison presented Quad leaders with some… interesting parting gifts. Except for what he gave to Biden, which is boring as fuck.

Morrison bestowed President Biden with a blackwood framed image of the Sydney Opera House, lit up with the Australian and American flag to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the ANZUS alliance.

Opera House
The image that was framed and gifted to Biden. Source: The Australian Embassy.

The gift (again, it is a framed picture of the Opera House) is estimated to be worth *checks notes* $563!!!!!!!! Yes, really.

He also gave Biden a didgeridoo crafted from termite-hollowed scarlet gum, which is valued at $425, per News.com.au. Obviously a much better gift, but also a part of me can’t help but feel some ‘ick’ at Morrison, notorious for denialism around the on-going oppression of First Nations people, giving out native pieces.

And that’s not all, folks.

Morrison also gifted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a brown Akubra hat (????) worth $215.

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide was given a Tamar blackwood watch and cufflink box with a decorative Tasmanian blackwood lid, valued at $425. Which actually sounds really nice — so who TF thought of the photograph?

As odd as all these gift choices are (which totalled to $1628 btw), at least they’re better than what he gifted then-President Donald Trump in 2019: a single framed photograph of Trump himself, with his wife Melania Trump. Which apparently was valued at $645.

Why is a picture of Trump worth so much?? Who is selling these?? And why would you gift someone a picture of themselves???

But alas, who can say what goes on in that strange man’s mind. Maybe the underwhelming Opera House picture is Morrison’s revenge for Biden forgetting his name? A mystery.