Scott Morrison Joins TikTok But Turns Off Stitches, Duets & Comments Like An Absolute Coward

PM tiktok

A new player has entered the game and he goes by the name of Scott Morrison – or as he’d like to be known on his new TikTok account “PM_Scomo”. Thanks, I hate it.

We’ve lived through a new COVID variant, we’ve dealt with the constant looming threat of a text message from our state’s health department, and we’ve survived the annual stress of having to convince our aunties and uncles that climate change is in fact, real. But just when you think you’ve dealt with all 2021 has to throw at you, it just keeps on coming.

As of December 25, you can now choose to punish yourself by watching our Prime Minister’s insincere attempts to reach out to the youth™. The same youth™ that Morrison has fucked over the entirety of his time in office while appeasing boomers who own seven houses and couldn’t give a single shit if the planet burns.

However, the spiciest part of this story isn’t that Morrison has joined TikTok, it’s that he’s fortified his profile to disallow any duets, stitches, mentions, saves or even comments on his uploads.

You heard it here first, folks – from the party of “free speech” comes the newest innovation in Australian democracy “please don’t roast me, I cannot handle it”.

The move prompted creators such as @TheFergusNeal to signal impending doom if the PM ever were to allow features that would enable people to actually engage with a Prime Minister’s account.


ScoMo tik toking #auspol #australia #scomo

♬ original sound – Fergus Neal

In the past, Scott Morrison has absolutely dished on TikTok, claiming that it “connects right back to China” as per the ABC. This is because TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is Chinese-owned, causing experts to warn governments that the company could be forced to hand over user data to the Chinese Government. This is the same reasoning Trump employed when the ex-president attempted to ban TikTok back in 2020.

Morrison is also comparatively late to the party in terms of joining TikTok, with veterans such as Labor MP Julian Hill (who frequently uploads videos where he calls out Morrison’s bullshit) amassing millions of views, 1.8m likes and over 125k followers. By the numbers, Hill is currently the most popular Australian politician on the platform.


Scott Morrison is a liar. 🤥 #auspol #fyp #liar

♬ original sound – JulianHillMP

Though, despite literally everything Morrison says and does, he is not a fool.

Prior to politics, he led a career in marketing and continues to scheme his way through his tenure as PM. With an election coming up in 2022, he knows that younger Australians are an important voting block.

In the meantime, let’s hope we don’t have to hear Morrison say “how good is TikTok?” anytime soon.